Telcom tower in front of a rising sun

What We Offer

As a technology company, we at Inala are led by industry professionals with experience in software and hardware development, engineering, logistics and procurement, business and finance, and a strong understanding of operating assets in emerging markets. With our extensive knowledge of battery technology, renewable energy, and remote monitoring products, we can devise flexible solutions for our customers.

Lithium Batteries

Inala is a leading battery supplier in the African telecommunications market, having already sold over 75MWh of capacity across 8 countries. Inala also works with battery OEMs to co-design purpose-suited technology fit for the rigors of African telecommunications sites where relevant.

Monitoring & Equipment

Inala is the OEM for the Inala monitoring systems and is a leading designer of site asset monitoring hardware in the global telecommunications market. It has a sales footprint across Africa and Asia.

Software as a Service

Through the advance features Inala has developed on our firmware for our IQM suite of products based on edge computing, we can deliver a high-quality solution to problems faced on the ground that reduce fuel usage, improve energy efficiency and maximize asset life.

Custom Designed
Hybrid Power Systems

Inala provides engineering, procurement, installation and support services to developers, network operators and ESCO’s to supply optimized custom designed renewable energy systems that are packaged for easy installation and commissioning.

Monitoring as a Service

Inala manages the capital costs of engineering, procurement and installation of monitoring assets on sites which may include controllers, security equipment, fuel probes, load meters and power probes.

Lithium Reconditioning

We provide MNOs and TowerCo’s in South Africa reconditioning of used lithium batteries across a wide range of capacities (50Ah to 300Ah), enhancing performance and improving resilience at an affordable price point.